About The Program.

Become a Master barber in 4 months

During the four months of instruction, students complete two weeks of barber theory where students gain an understanding of sanitation, sterilization, barber history, barber laws, and shop management.

Instructors also spend a great deal of time training students on how to do facial massages, hot towel shaving and preparation for the New York State Board Exam. Upon completion, each student will have an opportunity to meet with job placement and review the opportunities open to them to begin their employment.

Barbering offers an opportunity to earn an exceptional income. Many barbers are their own boss and get paid every day. Some barbers may, in time, earn more than some college graduates. The opportunity for an above average income potential can be yours. As a barber you decide how hard you want to work and how much you want to earn. We are so invested in our future barbers that we help our graduates with job placement and we make it our priority to help facilitate information between our graduates and prospective barbershops/salons that are hiring.

500 Hour Master Barber Program (4 Months)
Become a licensed Master Barber in NY with our affordable programs and payment plans. Hands-on-training, Flexible Schedule & Job Placement Available. Be your own boss, own your barbershop, control your income. Recession Prooof Career Industry.
Learn A Wide Range Of Skills and Techniques:
We provide our students with all the skills and techniques that will set them apart in their professional careers. Students will get to work on tremendous amount of clients and be taught the art of shaving and hair styling, from :
  • classic tapers
  • fohawks
  • pompadours
  • bald heads
  • caesars
  • low fades
  • mid fades
  • high fades
  • high-top fades
  • afro
  • flat tops
  • razor lineups
  • shampoos
  • classical haircuts
  • beard trims
  • shape ups
  • blowouts
  • mohawks
  • and more
They found a new life path.
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  • Jerrick Matthews
    I am currently a student at the American Barber institute! The level of knowledge and training is superb! One the best teachers around by the name of King David, will show you everything there is to know about barbering! Bar none to the standards of Professional Barbering! There is a % 100 commitment from this school to promote positive contributions to the community as well as students invested in Excellent grooming to the community.
  • Carlos Perez
    I’m a student here and have King David as my instructor and he has been awesome!! He has 30 years of experience and gives us great techniques and also been polishing up on basic skills!!! If you are interested in barbering please come ask for king David!!!
  • Tina Banee
    Donovan gave me a great hair cut. He did exactly what I asked him to do. He seemed a little nervous but that was to be expected. Well worth $3 plus a $7 tip. $10 for a haircut!!! I would give 5 stars but the place was too small for the amount of people inside. Also it was my first time and it was difficult to figure out the sign in system and no waiting area.
  • Zyee Fin
    I'm currently enrolled here and I'm happy with the progress from learning from the teachers and classmates . Shoutout my classmates Dre Rah Manny Dom Heather nothing but positivity and eager to learn more in this field. Follow me on ig _likeseven
  • Vincybie Lee
    Wished to have a trim before we head back to HK. Passed by a barber school for only 3 dollars for a regular haircut. Hehe.. And it's not bad actually. Good that we could help out student trainees practice and also reach their 500 hours required for graduating.
Requirements All what you need to start:
    You should provide a Social Security Card or Tax ID Number
    High School Diploma (HSD) or General Equivalency Diploma (GED)*
    You must be at least 17 years of age
    You should provide Proof of your residential address
    You should provide valid photo identification or a valid Driver’s License
    $500 Down Payment
  • Entrance Requirement
    If you don’t have an HSD or GED, ABI will administer an entrance exam prior to enrolling. If you have a HSD from a foreign country, you have to submit a notarized translation and copy of the original document.
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