500 Hour Master Barber Program (4 Months)

Become a licensed Master Barber in NY with our affordable programs and payment plans. Hands-on-training, Flexible Schedule & Job Placement Available. Be your own boss, own your barbershop, control your income. Recession Prooof Career Industry.

Learn a wide range of skills and techniques:
We provide our students with all the skills and techniques that will set them apart in their professional careers. Students will get to work on tremendous amount of clients and be taught the art of shaving and hair styling, from :
  • classic tapers
  • fohawks
  • pompadours
  • bald heads
  • caesars
  • low fades
  • mid fades
  • high fades
  • high-top fades
  • afro
  • flat tops
  • razor lineups
  • shampoos
  • classical haircuts
  • beard trims
  • shape ups
  • blowouts
  • mohawks
  • and more

Next Starting Date Mon. July 1, 2024
New Classes Begin On The First Monday Of Each Month.
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Entrance Requirements:
    You should provide a Social Security Card or Tax ID Number
    High School Diploma (HSD) or General Equivalency Diploma (GED)*
    You must be at least 17 years of age
    You should provide Proof of your residential address
    You should provide valid photo identification or a valid Driver’s License
    $500 Down Payment
About The Program
During the four months of instruction, students complete two weeks of barber theory where students gain an understanding of sanitation, sterilization, barber history, barber laws, and shop management. ABI provides our students with tremendous amount of clients and teaches them the art of shaving, facial massage, hair styling, from classic tapers, fohawks, pompadours, baldies, caesars, low fades, mid fades, high fades, high-top fades, afro, flat tops, razor lineups, shampoos, classical haircuts, beard trims, shape ups, blowouts, mohawks and preparation for New York State Board Exam. Upon completion, each student will have an opportunity to meet with job placement and review the opportunities open to them to begin their employment.

Mission & Values
The Mission of American Barber Institute is to provide high quality training that will prepare students to pass the New York State Board of Barbering License test to become Master Barber. American Barber Institute will also enrich students with the fundamentals, professionalism and excellent business ethics needed to succeed in the Barber Industry. American Barber institute will train students with the skills necessary to become part of the New York workforce.
Other Programs
50 Hours Barber
Refresher Program
The 50 Hour Barber refresher program is intended primarily for licensed individuals wishing to enhance their skills.
3 Hours Contagious
Diseases Program
This course is designed for all new applicants who wish to apply for a new or renewal license.
At 48 West 39th Street, New York, NY 10018
You Only Need 4 Months To Become A Master Barber

If you give us a call, we will assist you with your inquiry. When you come to A.B.I., the first thing you’ll find is that our staff is incredibly friendly, and loves sharing their knowledge on a future generation of barbers. Please also feel free to ask them questions about their trade, their philosophy, and what motivates them. If you’re interested in barbering classes at A.B.I. please continue to browse through our website, or give us a call at (212) 290-2289. We would love to hear from you today!


They found a new life path.
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When you come for a tour, the first thing you will find is that our staff is incredibly friendly and here to help you. Ask our staff about their love for teaching a new generation of barbers and they will tell you that it is their passion for imparting knowledge.

Financial Assistance Is Available

Financial assistance may be available through ACCES-VR, Post-9/11 GI Bill, the US Department of Veterans Affairs or other sources.