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Why choose A.B.I.?

A.B.I. is located in the heart of NYC, just minutes away from Times Square, Penn Station and Grand Central Station. Our Master Barber program enables any successful graduate to meet the requirements to take the New York State (NYS) Board Exam for the Master Barber license. Passage of the NYS Board Exam opens the doors for an abundance of employment opportunities in the barbering industry and qualifies the licensed professional to own a barbershop. He or she can employ individuals as Master Barbers or as apprentice barbers.

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As noted earlier, ABI has had a graduation rate of over 80% in the last three consecutive years, and provides placement services to all of our graduates.

Do we still have to come to school during holidays?

No we are closed for all legal holidays.

What will we learn in A.B.I.?

In our 500 hour program, our future barbers receive four months of instruction, approximately seventeen weeks. During the seventeen weeks of instruction, students complete two weeks of barber theory. Students learn introduction to barbering, which includes sanitation, sterilization, barber history, barber laws, and shop management. We provide our students with all the skills and techniques to set them apart in their professional careers. Students will have the opportunity to work on a number of clients. They will be taught the art of shaving and hairstyling, from classic tapers, faux hawks, pompadours, bald heads, caesars, low fades, mid fades, high fades, high-top fades, afros, flat tops, razor lineups, shampoos, classical haircuts, beard trims, shape ups, blowouts, mohawk and more. Instructors also spend a great deal of time training students on how to do facial massages, and hot towel shaving to prepare them for the New York State Board Exam. Upon completion, each student will have an opportunity to go over job placement and select where they would like to begin their barbering employment.

The 200 Hour Barbering Fundamentals Program course is designed to train apprentice registrants to become competent as registered apprentices, licensed cosmetologists to expand their services, and barber operators to hone their skills as Master Barbers. ABI students will attend classes in a good faith 200 hour course of practical and theoretical hands-on training in the practice of barbering under supervision, of a licensed instructor who will assist each student in such practice. After a barber apprentice completes two years of his or her apprenticeship working in a licensed barbershop, the barber apprentice may qualify to sit for the barber exam for Barber Operator’s License. Our curriculum will also provide our students with a complete overview of the day-to-day haircut services, expectations, precautions, and safeguards that any barber apprentice will encounter during the apprenticeship when it starts in a barbershop.

In the 50 Hour Refresher course students are kept up to speed on classical haircutting, straight razor shaves, fades, tapers, scissor over comb techniques, modern hairstyles, and be properly prepared to sit for and pass the New York State Barbering Licensing Examination. ABI provides its students with clients so that they may get plenty of hands on training. Upon completion of the program our students will receive a 50 Hour Barber Refresher certificate; we will also provide job placement assistance to every graduate.

How does A.B.I help with Jobs?

A.B.I. offers placement services to our graduates. Over the past few years, our completion rates are above 80%. Our priority is to help facilitate information between our graduates and prospective barbershops, spas, and salons looking to employ.

What sets ABI apart from other schools?

At ABI, everyone has a collective responsibility for teaching and learning. We are driven by what matters to us the most, and that is teaching our students to become great barbers and professionals in their craft. Our students learn primarily by cutting client’s hair because our staff has a deep-rooted passion and understanding of what it takes to make it in this real world. All of our current teachers are former ABI students.

How long will the 500 Hour Barber program take?

The program will take approximately four months to complete. Because some of our students have tough schedules, we offer both morning and afternoon classes to ensure everyone with different schedules are accommodated.

How many hours per week would I be in school for the Barber Program?

The Master Barber Program includes 30 hours of instruction per week for 17 weeks.

How long have you been in business?

American Barber Institute was established in 1996, 2021 marks our 25th year in business.

I have my New York Cosmetology license but would like to advance my barbering skills

A.B.I offers a 50 Hour Barber refresher program which is primarily intended for licensed individuals wishing to enhance their skills, such as Cosmetologists, Hairdressers, and Barber Apprentices. We want to ensure that every student is up to speed on classical haircutting, straight razor shaves, fades, tapers, scissor over comb techniques, modern hairstyles, and be prepared to sit for and successfully pass New York State Barbering Licensing Examination.

How much will the programs cost at A.B.I. ?

The cost of the Master Barber Program program is $5,600 for the morning schedule, and $4,100 for the afternoon schedule, without supplies.

The cost of the 50 Hour Refresher Program is $1,500.00 without supplies.

How old do I have to be to enroll in A.B.I.?

The student must be 17 years of age to attend. Students under the age of 18 need the permission of their parents to enroll.

I have a disability. Will I will still be able to attend?

If you are eligible for training and meet the qualifications for funding, Acces-VR will bear the expenses for the program and make arrangements to pay the American Barber Institute directly. The cost of tuition, tools, and books will be covered by the Acces-VR program.

View our ACCES-VR section for more details